About us

We are WP Maximize, and we kinda believe that our company name speaks for itself and explains everything we are all about: Maximizing WordPress!…. in other words, enabling the use of it to it’s fullest potential.

You see, despite how cool WordPress it, the truth is that it ships (the basic install) with the most basic of pre-installed templates & plugins.

If you want to get the most out of WordPress then you will need to do what we like to call POWER IT UP!

This is what we are all about…. providing our customers and members with the latest most affordable WordPress themes templates and plugins that will enable them to get the maximum potential out of their WordPress website. We are WP Maximize.

We’re on a Mission

Our continuous mission here at WP Maximize is to ensure that we provide our customers with The best-looking website themes and templates at a most affordable cost.

Company promised to you

We make the promise to our customers that we will always provide the most attractive and up-to-date WordPress website themes at a  cost that is both reasonable and affordable.